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Thank you so much. I have been completely satisfied with the customer service care I have received from you!
Thank you for your quick replies to all my emails and your professionalism. – J Evans
I have known and worked with Jim Cason for over 15 years. My company has performed may successful land transactions with multiple buyers over our 20 years in business as well as developing properties for our own account. Jim and his team have always been responsive to questions, phone calls or emails concerning development projects and produce work in a professional manner. Jim Carson and Carson Land Consultants is always my first stop in the development process and I look forward to our continued successful relationship.

Bill Chipman
CRES Inc. – Bill Chipman, Owner/President CRES Inc.
Mr. Carson,

I would like to take the opportunity to offer this letter of recommendation to Carson Land Consultants (CLC) for the consistent professional experience, while working both in the Town of Warrenton and for the Town. In providing service to your clients considering development within the Town, CLC staff consistently submitted superior plans, thus easing the town effort in reviewing and permitting. The quality of the finished product speaks directly to your experience and expertise in this market. CLC staff consistently demonstrate attention to detail and timely response to review comments to facilitate approval from Town staff.

The Town of Warrenton has experienced for over 5 years directly the service of CLC as its open-ended Engineering Services contractor for general civil engineering and surveying support. Services ranged from minor surveying to the complex planning and development of the stormwater component of the Warrenton Aquatic and Recreational Complex and the permitting of the lake feature with DEQ and USACE. In all instances the CLC staff has been a pleasure to work with due to their responsiveness and professionalism. During this service support period CLC has been considered as an extension of the Town staff.

With no reservations, I highly recommend the services of Carson Land Consultants to potential clients (private and municipalities) in the fields of Planning, Surveying, and Engineering services.

Edward Tucker, Jr., P.E.
Director of Public Works
Town of Warrenton – Edward Tucker, Director of Public Works Town of Warrenton
We have worked with other surveying firms in the past, but feel we have found an ideal, long-term partner in Carson Land Consultants (CLC). Both the field and office staff of CLC is very knowledgeable, experienced, and equally important, time-sensitive in delivery of their services. CLC was also extremely proactive in finding and resolving problems that invariably occur within a project. They will always be a valued member of our development team.

Gretchen Yahn
Castlerock Enterprises, INC. – Gretchen Yahn, Owner Castlerock Enterprises, INC.
I have worked with Jim Carson and his staff on many projects big and small over the last 20 years and have always been thrilled with their work and their services. My first project in Fauquier County was with another company and the experience I had getting the project through the county government approval process was a nightmare that lasted months and came with significant cost overruns. That bad experience lead me to Jim Carson. Nobody is better at navigating a project through the Fauquier County approval process than Carson Land Consultants. Their work has always been first rate, timely and cost efficient. On a scale of 1-10, Carson Land Consultants gets a 12!

Andy Budd
Country Chevrolet – Andrew Budd, Owner/President/CEO Country Chevrolet
Carson Land Consultants have provided me with comprehensive land development services for a number of commercial projects, providing expertise and professionalism in navigating the complexities of site utilization, and project approval.

Rick Groux
Groux Investments, LLC – Rick Groux, President Groux Investments, LLC

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